Are you a doctor, a banker, a lawyer or a high-flying executive? Do you work in the City?

Have you noticed or listened to what your body has been trying to tell you? On the outside you may appear to be calm and self-assured. Inside, however, there is frequent turmoil.

You may be under tremendous pressure to improve your performance each day – resulting in exhaustion that may be interpreted as weakness – so you avoid sharing this with others. Not knowing how to manage stress affects your body and your mind.

As your mind continually wanders…occupied by a myriad of thoughts and ‘things to do’, you may well have lost touch with the stillness within you.

But now, in a short space of time I can assist you to gain freedom from the thinking mind.


With our Mindfulness Retreat, you will gain skills to communicate with your body sensations and understand your own limits in any given moment.

Knowing your limits is the key to improving your well-being. By recognizing and then not exceeding your limits, you will prevent injury and illness caused by stress and over work.

Away from the hectic schedule of everyday life, this short break in the country will trigger dramatic changes in you.


Are you currently experiencing any of the following?
– Feeling over-stressed
– Fatigue or repetitive exhaustion
– Unable to concentrate
– Lack of confidence or motivation
– Insomnia
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Irritability

Allow our Retreat to be the first step you take towards transforming your life.

Treatments address and transform Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Insomnia, Fatigue, Chronic Pain and STRESS related symptoms.

After 3 days, previous participants with depression and anxiety successfully reduced their high BDI (Beck Depression Inventory) and BAI (Beck Anxiety Inventory) scores back to normal.

To sustain the outcome, you will be asked to create 30 minutes of “My Time” each day to continue practicing your programme at home.

This is your body and mind; this is your life.

This practice will enable you to alternatively stimulate your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, thereby ultimately restoring balance to your autonomic nervous system. By experiencing true and deep RELAXATION, you will soon realise your innate ability to live life with joy, free from the thinking mind!


Some of the comments received from previous participants:

  • Overcame my fear and started my own business that I had dreamed of for many years.
  • Became more organized and able to take effective decisions.
  • Other people have commented on the positive changes in me.
  • I gained a way to mitigate my back pain and am now able to move with greater ease. Happy!
  • I am no longer fearful; I’m able to sleep well without medication.
  • I am ready to communicate with others with increased self-confidence.
  • Being too sensitive is no longer a problem; I appreciate it as my asset.
  • I am finally free from the thought of ‘I MUST…’
  • I now value myself and shall take care of my body.
  • I have managed to stop criticising myself and can now appreciate who I am.
  • I’m no longer dwelling on my difficult past: I am who I am NOW
  • Others’ opinions no longer disturb me.
  • I love myself, thank you!
  • Found inner peace: situations no longer create destructive emotions
  • I now live my life with calmness


Personal 3-day Mindfulness Retreat: £1,500 including accommodation and 2 meals a day
Personal 2-day Mindfulness Retreat: £1,200 including accommodation and 2 meals a day

Paypal Payment

Should you wish to use Paypal Payment, please contact us first to check availability via Enquire Now. We will come back to you within 48 hours to confirm availability.

Mindfulness Retreat



Emotion Management and Stress Reduction

Are you over Stressed? Suffering Depression or Anxiety? Don’t worry. If you have the desire to be healed and a willingness to change life-long habits, then we can work together to make your mind work for you.

My approach might be different from others as I use the body’s inner self-healing power, together with CBT interventions – aiming to reach your desired outcomes within 10 sessions.

Based upon my own life-long mindfulness practice and extensive training in psychotherapy, I offer bespoke treatments to each of my clients. I cater for individual needs and specific requirements, assisting you to achieve your own goals and to discover your answers within.

Etsuko Ito

Working with Etsuko. Some kind words received from clients/previous participants:

Well here I am surrounded by the forest and snow again. I have started my own business. I don’t think this message can fully convey the gratitude I have for what you have done for me. There is no doubt that I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you.

The last 9 months since I saw you have been quite amazing. I immediately started thinking about my business plans. It’s been very very hard but I know that the first year in business is the most treacherous. If it all fails then I would still have followed my dreams. I can still vividly remember the illness like I have just woken up from a bad dream. I think it will always be a part of me but I know that in ten years I won’t again look back and say I should have tried to change my life.

What I can offer you is my sincere gratitude and to say that I will be forever in your debt. As a form of thanks I hope you can take pride in the fact that you have changed my life so dramatically for the better. I think you were made to do this kind of work and many people must be glad for it.

In a short time, the improvement in OCD symptoms and anxiety was clear to see. I am much happier individual. I would happily recommend Etsuko’s services to anyone.

The feeling of complete relaxation and calmness that I am left with is indeed something else and I cannot tell you how much that has helped me through this difficult period. Your calming way and understanding makes it so easy for me. Thank you for all your help.

This has been a truly enlightening experience for me. I will take away with me the key principles that will be in my heart for many years.
“Infinite possibilities”, flexible way of thinking, applying a gentle compassionate logic. Thank you. This method will be in me, I am so grateful.

In order to sustain the outcomes from sessions, all of my clients and previous participants were asked to create 30 minutes of “My Time” each day to continue practicing the programme at home.

This is your body and mind. This is your life. Only you can heal yourself. What I offer is guidance to help you achieve this.

Depression or Anxiety Disorder? Don’t worry!

Life is too precious and too short to miss out!

Our sessions consist of

  • Assessment
  • Our contract, including confidentiality agreement.
  • Issues you would like to address
  • Goal setting
  • Explanation of how I work with you through each session
  • Stress reduction daily practice
  • Sharing through dialogue
  • Setting dates and times for subsequent weekly sessions

In addition, 4 hour Initial Session would include the following

  • Experiential workshop of Mindfulness practice
  • Bespoke 30 minute programme catering for your specific requirements

Type of Sessions : Face to Face and/or via Skype
Venue: Rufus House, New Forest National Park SO43 7BQ

Initial 4 hour Session with workshop:
Initial Skype Session 150 minutes:
Subsequent Session 60 minutes:

Paypal Payment

Should you wish to use Paypal Payment, please contact us first to check availability via Enquire Now. We will come back to you within 48 hours to confirm availability.

Initial Session


MINDFULNESS Corporate Workshop

CORPORATE WORKSHOP – A path to build Stress Resilience

Stress has become an important issue in the workplace. Many productive hours – and many good people – are lost to stress-related problems. However employers can provide valuable support at relatively low cost, which both helps the individual and demonstrates corporate responsibility for employee welfare. I run in-house workshops to help at-risk employees deal with stress, and retreats for those requiring one to one support.

About me – Etsuko Ito
After a long career in International Banking in the City of London, I re-qualified as a psychotherapist. Having worked with CEOs and CFOs for two decades, my in-depth knowledge of the real business world enables me to work effectively with you and your team in the business world.

As a Japanese Mindfulness teacher, my approach is based upon the psychological principles of Buddha Dharma, Japanese Zen and mindful Prāna Yoga.

My approach
During my training with Professor John Kabat-Zinn in Switzerland and New York, and subsequent encounters on the path, I often noticed that fellow Western mindfulness practitioners tended to work hard to attain a special state of mind with in-depth cognitive reasoning. This puzzled me. Mindfulness practice should not require any stiffness, rather it is like fluid and flow… no tension.

Japanese cultural norms and traditions are different from the West, so this may be the reason why I made this observation. The difference in our approach is that sitting meditation forms merely a part of practice. Our practice extends into our daily life and professional life, with lasting results.

This is not just a workshop experience, it is a way of living life. Many teachers preach the importance of “Now”.  But have you found a tool actually works for you?
I have one! and I can teach you!

How to build Stress Resilience
If you have the skills to listen to your body’s sensations, it would inevitably enable you to anchor your mind to the present moment.  

Free from the “thinking mind” and destructive negative emotions, you will increase your ability to focus and your productivity would increase dramatically. This would also enable you to notice your limit at any given moment. It is the key to manage stress and increase personal productivity.

What we will achieve in our half-day workshop
My experiential workshop is an introduction to the way of living your life with an awakened mind, focused and motivated. 
Our work together would not finish at the end of workshop. For you, it is the first day of living life with your body; you no longer live a short distance from your body! 

Once you have gained such awareness, you will notice the limit at any given moment. Knowing such limits will help prevent accidents, Burn-out, Anxiety, Depression and even physiological illness. 

You and your team will learn basic skills during the experiential workshop with me, leading you to experience deep relaxation. The experience itself will prove how effective it is. If you let the practice work for you, then it will be the first day of truly living your life.

During the workshop, you will learn what is “My Time” and how to create it in your busy daily life. By practicing “My Time” at home, you will regain balance in your autonomic nervous system, enabling you to sustain well-being of body and mind.

Our programme would enable you to experience deep relaxation, and the calmness you gain would extend into your daily and professional life. Your calm energy within it will help you to handle stress and deal with difficult decisions better, and with presence.

Next steps
I would love to share my approach to stress management with your team. Please contact me to discuss fees, locations and availability. I can run a half-day workshop at your premises if you have a suitable private meeting room, alternatively the workshop can be run at a location nearby.

We are all life energy beings, inter-connected and influencing each other. 
Let us build a path to Stress Resilience, a better life and a more productive workplace.

For more information please contact us

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